Instructor-led training (Ilt)

virtual instructor-led Training (vilt)

Please view my ILT/VILT sample project, which includes a design document, facilitator guide, PowerPoint slide deck, and participant job aid. This training can be easily modified for in-person instructor-led training.

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VILT: Train the Trainer

Business Purpose: The purpose of this VILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training) is to train the trainer. Organizations often task internal subject matter experts (SMEs) to facilitate training who do not have previous experience as a trainer and/or facilitator skills. XYZ Agency provides train the trainer training and instructional design services to clients and organizations in various industries.

End-of-training surveys from past VILT events from clients revealed that up to 70% of participants found that the training was irrelevant to their jobs and only 25% of participants indicated that the training was engaging and interactive.

This course is designed to improve confidence in the trainers’ facilitation skills and increase engagement and interaction of participants through relevant learning activities, leading to desired behavior changes on the job for participants and successful training outcomes for the organization. KPIs include reducing irrelevancy of training to less than 10% and increasing engagement scores to at least 80% on end-of-training surveys.

The target audience is subject matter experts in various industries (health care, government/nonprofit, tech, sales/marketing, customer service, finance, etc.) who have little to no experience in delivering live training virtually or in person, who are tasked with facilitating training courses. Course content can be further customized and localized based on organizational needs or industry needs. 

Solution: This is a single session course with a length of approximately 60 minutes, delivered via Zoom or other virtual meeting software, which allows participants with varied schedules in dispersed locations and time zones to participate and to experience the virtual “train the trainer” concepts live.

Features: Live, interactive polls and quiz using Slido and Kahoot, and interactive breakout rooms via Zoom.

Includes: Facilitator guide, PowerPoint slide deck, participant job aid, and design document.

Tools: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Pixabay, Slido, Kahoot, Canva

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VILT: Making Connections & Creating Community

Business Purpose: The organization offers workshops addressing a variety of best practices for trainers and facilitators. The purpose of this course is to address how to create community within asynchronous courses.

End-of-training surveys from past training events revealed that 60% of facilitators found that they struggled to build and maintain community within asynchronous courses, while only 20% of facilitators indicated that they struggled to create community in face-to-face courses.

This mini-workshop is designed to improve confidence in facilitators’ community-building skills in asynchronous learning environments by demonstrating community-creating techniques, which increases learner engagement and interaction among learners, leading to more successful learning outcomes. KPIs include reducing the struggle to create community in asynchronous courses by facilitators to less than 20% on end-of-training surveys and increasing learner satisfaction scores on end-of-training surveys to at least 80% regarding community building in asynchronous courses.)

Solution: This is a single session mini-workshop with a length of approximately 15 minutes, delivered via Zoom or other virtual meeting software, which allows participants with varied schedules in dispersed locations and time zones to participate and to experience virtual “creating community” concepts.

Tools: PowerPoint, Canva, Slido, Padlet